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AG-PRO™️ was formulated by AgPack's technical and innovation team. AG-PRO™️ is produced in porcine, poultry and bovine free plant strategically located in the United States to comply with the country of destination Government regulations.

AG-PRO™️ is a Vegetable-Fishmeal (No Mamalian [Beef & Porcine] or Poultry Materials are included in AG-PRO), it is a formula of carefully selected marine and vegetable ingredients manufactured to yield the same performance as a good quality 60-65% protein fishmeal including all the essential amino acids to meet the nutrient requirements of broilers, layers, and breeders.

AG-PRO™️ is treated with preservatives and antimicrobials to extend its shelf life & maintain quality over time during shipping & storage.

AG-PRO 60™️ is 60% protein with optimized, highly digestible amino acids. Product is also available in a 45-55% Protein.


AgPack’s new VeGain™ product is the first all-veg protein supplement developed specifically for poultry. It provides birds a nutritionally focused blend of vegan proteins and highly digestible amino acids, and works to fill the critical nutrient deficiencies  that are commonly found in all-veggie diets.

VeGain is a proprietary blend of all vegetable proteins – no whey or egg proteins used. In university research VeGain  was proved to:

  • Boost profits over traditional veggie diets

  • Incluldes low anti-nutrient factors

  • Provide highly digestible, all-natural amino acid compounds

  • The all-natural protein sources optimize growth, performance and feed conversion

  • Deliver significant body weight gain compared to the traditional veggie diets

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