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For over 50 years, PRO-PAK® protein concentrate has been the original aqua-feed industry fishmeal analog.

Now, AgPack, has two more options for aquaculture. Our classic Pro-Pak product is available for sale but our new Aqua-Pak™ Fish and Aqua-Pak™ Shrimp are set to become the new standard.

PRO-PAK protein concentrate is used today worldwide as a cost-efficient replacement for fishmeal. It is a recognized ingredient that contributes a high level of amino acids, metabolizable energy and digestibility, at a fraction of the cost of fishmeal. Its benefits have been successfully proven and affirmed repeatedly through research performed by universities and independent nutritionists.

By using only the finest ingredients available, we can guarantee the consistency of every AgPack product. All finished material is tested and screened. Our uniform and consistent shipments eliminate lost production time and any need for costly reformulation.

AgPack’s rigid quality control procedures ensure the Pro-Pak families of products produced for export comply with each specific country’s requirements and/or restrictions concerning the use of animal proteins in feed products.

AquaPak is a combination of carefully screened animal and vegetable proteins, formulated to produce the same response as fishmeal. It contains highly digestible protein, amino acids, and digestible energy balanced for (all types of aquaculture. AquaPak is manufactured under strict quality control guidelines, resulting in a nutrient profile of consistent quality.

 AquaPak’s benefits as a fishmeal replacer have been demonstrated in trials at independent facilities:

  • Formulated finished feed using AquaPak as the main protein source will promote performance similar to feeds formulated with Menhaden fishmeal

  • AquaPak can replace up to seventy-five percent of fishmeal in aquaculture diets without compromising performance and with a significant reduction in ingredient costs

AQUA-PAK Fish is available in three crude protein levels, 60%, 65%, and 70% crude protein.

AQUA-PAK protein and amino acid digestibility increase as the protein concentration goes up, ensuring value to the feed mill.


AQUA-PAK™ Pro-Cision is an advanced protein concentrate for shrimp feed formulations designed to reduce the inclusion of fishmeal through use of alternative proteins coupled with more effective delivery of supplemental essential amino acids.

Supplemental amino acids are largely ineffective in shrimp feeds, due to high leaching losses before consumption. Patented AQUA-PAK™ Pro-Cision technology delivers precise amino acid requirements in a form that reduces leaching in the final feed by 40%.

Reduction of leaching losses means more effective utilization of essential amino acids, greater nutritional value of the feed, faster growth, reduced waste, and a healthier pond environment.

Pro-Cision enables reduction or complete replacement of fishmeal in shrimp feeds.  This not only reduces cost, but also improves sustainability by reducing pressure on scarce marine ingredients.

AQUA-PAK Pro-Cision – A smart and sustainable protein for shrimp and other high-value marine and freshwater  species

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