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AgPack has been committed to supplying the animal feed industry with top quality protein concentrates. We have progressed from simply being a blender of proteins to being an industry leader in value-added protein concentrates.

While feed cost is certainly important, it is time our feed technology catches up to the genetic performance of today’s bird. AgPack has accepted the challenge of becoming an asset to the poultry producer in the ongoing quest for increased efficiency. And, our history as a manufacturer of protein concentrates gives us a unique perspective and kinship with today’s feed manufacturers.

We believe in better protein, not cheaper protein. By adding value at every step of our process, we work to help you improve efficiency and profitability. It’s the difference between being a vendor and being your partner.


  • PREMIUM GRADE PROTEIN BLENDS – We test and certify our products to ensure the industry’s highest quality and consistency.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE CONCENTRATES – Our Ph. D. nutritionists will create custom formulations based on your needs.

  • ON TIME, JUST IN TIME PROTOCOLS – You can count on fresh protein blends because we don’t make a single thing until you order it. No stockpiling.


  • ABSORBABLE AMINO ACIDS – Fresher protein blends allow for improved digestibility and increased amino acid absorption.

  • ACCURATE NUTRIENT FORMULATION – Every shipment is accurately formulated to meet the exacting nutrient specifications of our Ph. D. nutritionists.

  • PRODUCT CONSISTENCY – Our protein blends set the standard for consistency in the industry. That means better nutrition, which drives better feed conversion.


  • ANTIMICROBIALS – To protect against microbial toxins, we treat our protein blends with antimicrobials to help provide wholesome products to the industry.

  • ANTIOXIDANTS – To fight oxidation and rancidity, every AgPack protein blend is treated with antioxidants. There’s no better way to prevent rancidity.


  • DEPENDABLE DELIVERY – Our logistics team is unequaled in the industry. We deliver on-time, as promised so your mills can keep on-schedule and running smoothly.

  • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING – Our schedulers work with what’s best for you, not what’s convenient for us. We handle order changes smoothly and efficiently.

Created over 50 years ago, PRO-PAK® is a family of protein concentrates and is used worldwide as a cost-efficient replacement for fishmeal. It is a recognized and soughtafter ingredient, contributing a high level of amino acids,metabolizable energy  anddigestibility at a fraction of the cost of traditional fishmeal. The benefits have been successfully proven and affirmed repeatedly through continuous research performed by universities and independent nutritionists.

PRO-PAK® protein concentrate is a  proprietary blend of proteins formulated to produce the same response as a high quality 60% to 65% protein fish meal, including all essential amino acids.  Not only are the levels of amino acids evaluated, but more importantly, the amount of digestible amino acids provided is equal to or greater than what fish meal provides.

AgPak’s ProPak is offered for sale, produced and exported with no mammalian ingredients to meet the requirements of our customers and to comply with the country of destination government regulations.

By using only the finest ingredients available, we can guarantee the consistency of every PRO-PAK® protein concentrate shipment. All finished material is tested and screened. Our uniform and consistent shipments eliminate lost production time and any need for costly reformulation. AgPack’s rigid quality control procedures ensure the Pro-Pak families of products produced for export comply with each specific

country’s requirements and/or restrictions concerning the use of animal proteins in feed products.

Easily customizable to fit your precise needs.

Developed specifically in response to feed industry demand for feed efficiency through reduced feed costs, and has been historically used as a protein replacement for fishmeal in poultry rations.

AgPack’s Pro-Plus family of high-protein concentrates can be easily customized to fit the precise needs of the nutritionist and the live production manager and has earned a reputation for being uniform and high-quality protein.

Our internal formulation team can work with producers to provide protein levels from  45% to 65%.

Pro-Plus is available to local and International markets.

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