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PRO-PAK® Swine is the first fishmeal replacer specifically formulated for early weaned pigs.

Created in collaboration with leading swine nutritionists, it is an ingredient that contributes a high level of amino acids, metabolizable energy and digestibility, at a fraction of the cost of fishmeal. PRO-PAK® Swine is also a high-protein concentrate customized to fit the precise needs of the nutritionist and the live production manager. We developed this product in response to swine feed industry demand for the same inherent qualities as our PRO-PAK® protein concentrate –Uniformity and nutrient density –but at a lower cost than fish meal. PRO-PAK® Swine has earned its reputation for being extremely uniform and a very high-quality protein concentrate. It is often used as a replacement or supplement in fishmeal in early weaned pig rations.

PRO-PAK® Swine is a combination of carefully screened avian, porcine marine and vegetable protein by-products, formulated to produce the same response as a high quality 60% protein fish meal, including all essential amino acids.

PRO-PAK® Swine is produced in two plants strategically located throughout the United States under strict quality controls. All raw materials are carefully inspected to ensure the highest quality standards are met. By using only the finest ingredients available, we can guarantee the consistency of every PRO-PAK® Swine shipment. All finished material is treated for microbial control, stabilized for extended shelf life, tested and screened. Our uniform and consistent shipments eliminate lost production time and any need for costly reformulation.

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