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In conjunction with Cornell University, a by-pass protein product for cows was developed in the mid-1980s.  At that time, clear research was also developing that showed the benefits of an “ideal amino acid profile” or balancing for amino acids.  Efforts to apply standard feeding programming methods for solving specific essential and nonessential amino acid needs to supply this ideal amino acid profile proved unsuccessful until Pro-Lak® dairy by-pass supplement was developed.


AgPack continues its commitment to the dairy industry working with university research programs and scientists to make certain our products benefit the industry and are highly effective.


The PRO-LAK®  family of  by-pass protein supplements is the dairy industry’s leading animal by-pass protein: precision formulated to increase milk and component production in today’s modern high producing dairy cows.


PRO-LAK dairy by-pass protein supplement is a cost effective high-protein concentrate with the by-pass benefits of fishmeal and bloodmeal. PRO-LAK®  compliments rumen microbial activity to optimize not only metabolizable protein but also the correct ratio of Lysine to Methionine.


The PRO-LAK family product line offers a variety of formulations of dairy by-pass protein supplements designed to fit specifically into a wide range of diets. These PRO-LAK® dairy products supply  uniform protein products to our customers in each and every shipment ensuring the opportunity to maximize profitability

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